Blended Learning Pioneer

Starting with only a GoPro camera and a whiteboard, I pioneered the use of blended learning in my faculty. Now I manage two professional recording studios and facilitate others in creating blended learning content to open up the possibilities for valuable classroom contact hours.


If learning isnt fun, you are doing it wrong. That is the mantra I live when I enter the classroom and teach young adults to become professional engineers!

Docent van het Jaar 2019

I am honoured to have been elected Docent van het Jaar (Teacher of the Year) of the Netherlands in 2019 by the Dutch National Students Association (ISO).

Failure Investigator

Understanding how things fail and how to prevent them from failing when it matters most is the connecting passion between my education and research.

Husband & Father

My family is a big part of my identity, and I am blessed to have such a loving wife and pair of sons. And of course, our dog Fanta who is a big help and wonderful co-star in my online teaching!